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Lance Percival

 Lance Percival
Lance Percival has been a household name since the sixties, but then so has Harpic. He was one of the team of the legendary BBC satire show, That Was The Week That Was. Since then, in spite of numerous requests to abandon the whole thing, he has appeared constantly in all forms of the media. His recent disasters include Noels Telly Years (BBC), Comic Relief (BBC), Countdown (ITV), Through the Keyhole (ITV), and the (BBC2) Pro-Celebrity Golf programme, where he managed to prove that he was not playing the same game as Ian Woosnam.

While fiddling with your radio buttons, you may have heard a snatch of him on Just a Minute, Press Gang, Law Game, or Hoax - in which case that's your bad luck.Apart from Too Late The Hero and several Carry On spectaculars, he has 23 film credits although to be honest, he wasn't a credit to any of them.

Recently he won the UK After Dinner Speaker of the Year Award because of his Polaroid memory. He injects names, job titles, jargon and opposition into a speech, learns the lot and then forgets everything the next day - hence Polaroid. This useless device has persuaded over 100 Companies a year to ruin their dinner with a speech from LP. As a writer (is there no limit?) he has created a niche in the corporate market by scripting humour into executive speeches and for whole conferences. In the past year he has done this for 97 Companies which shows how desperate our industry is today. For television he devised and wrote Whodunnit? for ITV which was so awful that he was invited to also write it for the NBC network in the USA. He also devised Tricks of the Trade (BBC), of which the best trick was to disappear without trace.

W.H.Allen made the dreadful mistake of publishing 2 so-called humorous books of Lance's called Well Versed Dogs and Well Versed Cats. These are still available in Oxfam shops. Lance is a single parent who lives somewhere in London and son Jamie, Basset Hound Rosie, and Popsie the Burmese Brown cat would be extremely grateful to anybody who can pin-point the exact location. He claims that he has mastered frustration (being a keen golf hacker), despair (being a lifelong Chelsea supporter) and facing the impossible (he does the Times Crossword every day). And finally he is a great admirer of anyone who can read this crap all the way through!

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